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Mahogany obsidian chain/mahogany obsidian necklace/healing necklace/healing pendant/obsidian necklace/obsidian chain/obsidian pendant

Mahogany obsidian chain/mahogany obsidian necklace/healing necklace/healing pendant/obsidian necklace/obsidian chain/obsidian pendant

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Hi everyone, welcome to my store.   This necklace has a lovely little Mahogany Obsidian attached.    Some facts about Mahogany Obsidian  If you question what the mahogany obsidian meaning is, you have to start by knowing the true forms of this stone. Physically, it is natural glass obsidian with colored stripes that are created from iron inclusions. Obsidian properties believed to have gentle energy that is helpful for grounding. It’s also considered as working stone since it can bring out the encouragement and remove negative nature that eventually help you more focused to yourself and the future. With the metaphysical properties of this stone, you will get more encouragements to give your life new goals and purposes. There will be more inspired feeling and less fear since you have managed to remove the energy blocks that have put problems to your life. So, this stone has undoubtedly emotional healing supports. Healing properties of Mahogany Obsidian  Mahogany Obsidian Brings Courage. Mahogany obsidian gemstone meaning brings strength and courage to the owner especially for those who are often controlled by fear and low self-confidence. With this stone, more confidence will come to the surface including new goals and creative ideas to advance life. A lot of people have trauma caused by bad experiences such as abuse. Dealing with this kind of thing is not an easy job. Often, people take a long time or some even get trapped again. That’s why the process of stabilizing the mental health requires more assistance’s including from mahogany obsidian.  Mahogany obsidian properties will help to heal the trauma including humiliation that has formed certain pattern in people’s mind. By removing the unwanted memory paths, it can help to decrease the feelings of emotional limitations or feelings of unworthiness. Trauma is always full of negative energy and that’s why this stone has to help which is also to remove those energies so that people will feel more in peace and balance. To know how mahogany obsidian crystal can help to heal physically, we have to know which chakra associated with it. Primarily, it is associated to base or root chakra but also to another chakra, the sacral chakra. This position allows the stone to help increase the kidneys and liver function, to improve blood circulation, to relieve pain and to detoxify tissues and organs. Mahogany obsidian meaning also helps to remove the toxins inside the body that caused by free radicals or unhealthy food that people often consume. In short, its health benefits are mostly associated with organs in the stomach resulting healthier life with fewer toxins.* The total length of this necklace is 31.7 cm  and the Mahogany Obsidian charm is 2.4 cm.    All items are handmade and come in gift box or organza bag as standard and will be sent out and should arrive within 1-3 business days.   Any feedback is always welcome! * All facts are from


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